Store Pick-Up Service

Beat the long line with our pick and pay scheme, the pick-up service.  No minimum worth of purchase and no extra charges.  Enjoy the same low prices that we have on our shelves.

How It Works

When you purchase from us online, please choose "Pick-Up Service" option upon checkout. You only pay us once you pick up your order from our store.  We guarantee you that we do not have extra charges for you and you get the same price of the products on our shelves.  Orders are claimed at the Wholesale Section. 

After placing your order, we may contact you for the confirmation of your order.  For your security, please ensure that you provided us your correct contact number as we may not process orders without a confirmation from the customer.


  Order Processing & Pick-Up Schedule

A. Monday to Friday

 Orders Placed      Order Processing  Pick-Up Schedule
Orders Received until 8AM 8AM to 2PM Next Day: 8AM to 12NN
Orders Received from 8:01AM to 5PM 1PM to 5PM Next Day: 1PM to 6PM


B. Saturday

 Orders Placed      Order Processing  Pick-Up Schedule
Orders Received until 8AM Sunday
Sunday Monday: 8AM to 5PM


B. Sunday

 Orders Placed      Order Processing  Pick-Up Schedule
Orders Received until 8AM Monday
Monday Tuesday: 8AM to 5PM


Currently, while the online store is open 24/7, we only have Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 6PM, to facilitate orders and offer a pick-up service.  Orders on Sundays are processed in the morning of Mondays and will be ready for pick-up on Tuesdays morning.

Should you have clarifications, please feel free to contact us through or give us a call at these numbers, 0999.990.7115 or 0917.634.5776.

Enjoy Shopping Mga Suki!!!