Services & Turn-Around Time

Welcome to Wing-On!

It's always been our pleasure to be of service to you.

We made it sure that you are well-informed of our services and what to expect from them.

We are proud to provide you with our services through this online store.  Please click each of the service below for its respective mechanics.

           Beat the long line with our pick and pay scheme, the pick-up service.  No minimum worth of purchase and no extra charges.  Enjoy the same low prices that we have on our shelves.

         Whether you want to stay at home for your health or safety reasons or you want to do something else rather than spending so much time in the long grocery checkout line, we have you covered.  We have partnered a reputable delivery team to delivery your orders right to your doorstep.  No minimum purchase required, no extra charges on the products, only pay what's on the receipt plus the actual delivery cost charged by our  delivery team partner, and enjoy the same price of the products we have on our shelves.

Should you have clarifications, please feel free to contact us through or give us a call at these numbers, 0999.990.7115 or 0917.634.5776.

Enjoy Shopping Mga Suki!!!